Kenneth Sherwood & Loss Pequeño Glazier on electronic poetics in 1995

From the LINEbreak series

Left, Kenneth Sherwood; right, Loss Pequeño Glazier


In this episode of the LINEbreak series, co-editors of RIF/t, Loss Pequeño Glazier and Kenneth Sherwood, talk with Charles Bernstein about electronic publishing and the politics of editing the first online hypertext journal of poetry and poetics, RIF/t magazine. Their program was recorded in the Music Department at SUNY Buffalo in 1995. An audio recording of the full program (29 minutes) can be heard here: MP3.  Some obvious context puts this remarkable discussion in relief: graphical browsers (such as Mosaic) were not readily available until 1994, and this discussion about, in part, an online poetry magazine, took place a year after that.

The excerpt of the Glazier/Sherwood discussion we present now has been assembled eighteen years later — so much further into the era of digital poetics — as the 26th episode in the PennSound podcasts series, produced by Al Filreis, introduced and hosted by Amaris Cuchanski, and edited by Nick DeFina.