ModPo overview

The enrollment in this free, 10-week noncredit course on modern and contemporary American poetry was 42,523 in the fall of 2012, and 38,150 in the fall of 2013 and 38,800 in the fall of 2014, 34,000 in the fall of 2015, and 21,000 in the fall of 2016. Contributions to the discussion forums were read (well, viewed) 957,000 times in 2012. Video recordings of collaborative close readings of poems were viewed nearly a half million times in ten weeks (in '12, '13 and '14 each). The course site remains open for those enrolled for another nine months after each session ends in mid-November. Here are some links:

1. ModPo home page (you can enroll any time—it's free)
2. participant reviews (CourseTalk site)
3. Facebook group: ongoing, although the course has officially ended
4. a blog created by ModPo’ers: to continue post-ModPo
5. a blogroll of ModPo students’ post-ModPo blogs
6. introductory video
7. twitter feed, ModPoPenn (ongoing)
8. ModPo YouTube channel (includes recordings of live webcast sessions)
9. blog review/update
10. another blog review
11. another blog review
12. another review
13. another review
14. notes and vignettes
15. article by Jenni Baker
16. essay emphasizing access by Sara Dias of Capetown
17. article by Laura Cushing
18. NPR radio story partly featuring ModPo
19. Washington Post article on MOOCs, mentions ModPo
20. Robert Holland's non-final words on ModPo
21. Dorian Rolston’s essay in the Paris Review
22. 4-minute story aired on The Today Show
23. article about autistic student [Dan’s MOOC certificates]
24. Karin Wiberg's post-course assessment
25. Physicist/cancer patient takes ModPo (from a Coursera blog)
26. article in the Pennsylvania Gazette
27. review by Ian Chowcat
28. Magdalena Ball's podcast interview with 3 ModPo TAs
29. ModPo featured on “Future Tense” (Australian radio)
30. Filreis named Chronicle of Higher Education Top 10 Tech Innovators
31. Christian Science Monitor article about Taha Tariq, who found his university (Penn) through ModPo
32. Chronicle of Higher Education article on disability & MOOCs, refers to Daniel Bergmann of ModPo
33. Irish poet Christine Murray on ModPo (August 2014)
34. blog post on ModPo pedagogy (September 2014)
35. article in Al Jazeera America (September 2014)
35. blogpost says poetry is alive & well (September 2014)
36. Michal Clements presents on MOOCs & talks about ModPo [video; ModPo talk starts at 2:20]
37. video recording of Al Filreis' presentation at Columbia University (February 2014)
38. article about ModPo in The Atlantic (January 2015)
39. ModPo in Colombia (in Spanish) (December 2015)
40. blog entry by Renee Francoer (November 2016)