Heather Fuller on Claes Oldenberg

PhillyTalks, 1999

On February 10, 1999, at a PhillyTalks episode featuring Heather Fuller and Melanie Neilson, Nielson mentions Fuller's "pretty gutsy" tendency to refer to artists in her writing, such as Claes Oldenberg. Here is Fuller's response:
Heather Fuller

'The really intriguing thing to me about Oldenberg is he was such a public figure. Everything for him was so hyperbolic.  His sculpture sort of was upon you before you were even close to it.  In a sense he was really holding court in a very public way with whosever was in eyeshot.  It's often funny to me to think of Oldenberg in relation to, say, the person who is going to be uttering the line, in "hearsay", about the splatter guards from the civil disobedience unit of the police.  To what extent is the splatter guard holding court?  What extent is Claes Oldenberg forcing court upon us?  These are all very public and visual elements that sort of force themselves into our space.  And so, often there's a disconnect between these very forceful and—the word "power" you used, power—powerful elements and people who will perhaps not be reading this text.'