Erin Moure at the Kootenay School of Writing, 2007 — now segmented at PennSound

Thanks to the careful work of PennSound staffer Luisa Healey, Erin Moure’s PennSound page now includes a segmented (by poem and discussion topic) audio recording of Erin’s 2007 reading at the Kootenay School of Writing in Vancouver. Here, for instance, is a six-minute segment on noise and access.

    1. Introduction to O Cidadan (3:01): MP3
    2. Document 15 [from O Cidadan] (2:55): MP3
    3. Document 16 [from O Cidadan] (1:10): MP3
    4. Hazard Non [from O Cidadan] (0:56): MP3
    5. Georgette [from O Cidadan] (0:31): MP3
    6. Document 17 [from O Cidadan] (1:22): MP3
    7. Discussion of O Cidadan and its relation to the discourse of terrorism (3:38): MP3
    8. Introduction to Little Theatres (1:26):MP3
    9. Homenaxe ao mineral basico de borscht (Galetian) [from Little Theatres] (0:48): MP3
    10. Homage to the Basic Mineral of Borscht (English) [from Little Theatres] (0:52): MP3
    11. Homenaxe ao mineral do repolo (Galetian) [from Little Theatres] (1:15): MP3
    12. Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage (English) [from Little Theatres] (1:04): MP3
    13. Homenachia potense de pataka (Galetian) [from Little Theatres] (2:07): MP3
    14. Homage to the Force of the Potato (English) [from Little Theatres] (0:44): MP3
    15. Theorist of Little Theaters (quote) [from Little Theatres] (1:14): MP3
    16. Theatre of the Green Leira [from Little Theatres] (1:17): MP3
    17. Theatre of the Stones that Ran [from Little Theatres] (1:36): MP3
    18. Quotes by Elisa Sampedrin [from Little Theatres] (2:08): MP3
    19. Symmetry from Little Theatres (1:07): MP3
    20. Introduction to O Cadoiro (5:02): MP3
    21. “The world is not a home I can swear allegiance to…” [from O Cadoiro] (0:25): MP3
    22. “Mother, keep me from going to San Servando…” [from O Cadoiro] (0:49): MP3
    23. “If I see the Ocean…” [from O Cadoiro] (1:04): MP3
    24. “I’m not pleading any threat of love until I see you…” [from O Cadoiro] (0:29): MP3
    25. “That day I lost your ring in the green pine…” [from O Cadoiro] (2:10): MP3
    26. “I go my beauty to serve the king...” [from O Cadoiro] (1:27): MP3
    27. Become the Spectral Subject [from O Cadoiro] (2:06): MP3
    28. The Dreamy One (5:06): MP3
    29. On identity politics and literary criticism (7:33): MP3
    30. On the English language as porous (6:23): MP3
    31. On notions of noise and access (6:45): MP3
    32. On poetic form and prosthesis (6:00): MP3
    33. On taking on another identity in Little Theaters (6:05): MP3
    34. On the concept of language as theatrical stagings, on dominant discourse (11:55): MP3
    35. On passages from O Cidadan (6:22): MP3