Pound was punk to Gizzi

“I LOVE, I mean LOVE that PennSound has put up all the Pound material,” wrote Peter Gizzi to us not long after the Ezra Pound recordings were added to PennSound. He continued: “I have it all in bootlegs and tapes of course but it is wonderful to have it there, finally, I mean it is THE MOST OUT there of anything on that site or ubu web! EP is the best. I used to listen to those tapes over and over in my car in the late 70s when I was a teenager. To me it was Punk. And hearing it now it brings back summer and my youth! Listening to the Spoleto recording, maybe my fave for its restrained intensity, I am taken aback just how his late syntax has totally effected me. Liz and I were listening and we could hear my poem ‘Homer’s Anger loud and clear for instance. Amazing. And Richard Sieburth’s headnote makes me want to listen further.” For more praise of PennSound, see this.