A winter afternoon of surrealist writing and music

Tracie Morris, Kenneth Goldsmith, and Marina Rosenfeld

The event was called “What Oozed Through the Staircase: A Winter Afternoon of Surrealist Writing and Music,” held in the middle of the surrealist exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Sunday, January 26, 2014. Surprised that the event wasn't being recorded, I brought out my smart phone and captured the audio as best I could from the fourth row. I also made a video recording of the final performance — a surrealist game. All this is now available at a special PennSound page.

  1. introduction (3:51): MP3
  2. Kenneth Goldsmith: Hans Bellmar, from “What Oozed Through the Staircase” (1:48): MP3
  3. Kenneth Goldsmith: Andre Breton, from “Manifesto of Surrealism” (2:35): MP3
  4. Kenneth Goldsmith: Robert Desnos, “Awakenings” and “Ideal Mistress” (3:21): MP3
  5. Marina Rosenfeld: Mise en scene en scene #1 (Daily Bul, etc.) (4:51): MP3
  6. Kenneth Goldsmith: Joyce Mansour, “Poemshots” (1:57): MP3
  7. Kenneth Goldsmith: Salvador Dali, “The Great Masturbator” (1:46): MP3
  8. Kenneth Goldsmith: Mina Loy, “Auto-Facial-Construction” (4:14): MP3
  9. Kenneth Goldsmith: Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, "Equinox" (0:56): MP3
  10. Marina Rosenfeld: Mise en scene en scene #2 (Logbook, etc.) (5:52): MP3
  11. Tracie Morris: Leopold Senghor's “Speech and Image”: An African Traditional of the Surreal (5:23): MP3
  12. Tracie Morris: Quotes from Josephine Baker and excerpts from Kurt Schwitters's “Ursonate” (5:37): MP3
  13. Tracie Morris and Kenneth Goldsmith: Amiri Baraka, Excerpt of Scene II from Dutchman (3:31): MP3
  14. Tracie Morris and Marina Rosenfeld: Bob Kaufman, “O-Jazz-O,” “A Terror is More Certain...” and “On” (10:11): MP3
  15. Tracie Morris and Kenneth Goldsmith: Surrealist Game (2:14): YouTube