We're not of this world

Jake Marmer's free jazz/poetry

Here is a video-recording of a performance of “Facts,” performed by Jake Marmer, Frank London, Greg Wall and Uri Sharlin at Cornelia Street Cafe at the release party of the Hermeneutic Stomp CD, October 14, 2013. Watch and you’ll hear the refrain, chanted by the audience: "We’re not of this world." For more about the CD, see this comment at Jewish Currents; the piece includes a link to an audio recording of "Bath House of Dreams." Frank London is of course the Grammy Award-winning trumpeter who performs with the Klezmatics.  Marmer’s first book of poems is Jazz Talmud, published by Sheep Meadow Press in 2012. He left a small provincial town in the Ukraine at the age of 15. He is co-founder of North America's first Jewish Poetry retreat at KlezKanada Festival.


with many crumbs
and a puddle of someone
else's drink the Starbucks table stared back at me
you're a hardliner man
a hardass
and know it
what mysticism?
I want to sit the angel of the squealing
did you crumble these crumbs?
no Anthony Braxton references --
no metaphor abductions --
give it to me in plain words
say it: we're not of this world
the game of mystery
game of going to work
getting dressed
if it doesn't exist give me the doesn't exist
I'm an under-slept young dad
I must get to the point or I'll fall asleep
how you do make peace with existence
the hard facts of it?