Quasi-nonintentional poetry and these dark times?

Mandana EM Chaffa organized a ModPo meet-up in NYC (which Emily Harnett and Ali Castleman and others attended) and here is what Mandana wrote afterwards:

“Can poetry offer solace in times of turmoil? How do aleatory poetry and chance operations reflect our modern society and the impact of so many sources of information? How does Week 9 — and Week 10 — poetry circle back to where we started two and a half months ago? That, and more, was on the table (except that we didn’t use a table) during this last NYC ModPo meet-up for 2016, with our very special guests and amazing TAs, Emily Harnett and Ali Castleman. They are even more awesome in person than on your screens.

As always with the Gotham City gang, we were joined by fantastic, unexpected participants who made the conversation richer and more wide-ranging, whom you’ll see on the photo below (please tag yourselves!).

On a personal note, I want to thank everyone who turned out for this session’s meet-ups. For me, close-reading is dependent upon community, and year after year, this community — encompassing new and old friends, past and present poetic schools — exemplifies a generosity, an openness of spirit and heart that I cherish deeply always, and especially today.

Please watch this space for future (less frequent) meet-ups in 2017, but in the meantime, thank you. Thank you, Emily and Ali, for sharing your gifts with us today, and all of you for taking time out of your Saturdays to join us. You make the world both large enough to contain multitudes and intimate enough to make true human connections. Isn’t that the spirit of ModPo? And the meaning of our too-brief lives?”