Jean-Michel Rebaté describes Oulipo

at the Oulipolooza

Jean-Michel Rabaté describes Oulipo at an event called "the Oulipolooza"--at the Kelly Writers House on March 15, 2011. The organizers of the event wrote the following:

Come help us celebrate the continuing potential of literatures by attending the Oulipolooza, a Kelly Writers House-style celebration of all things Oulipo. The OuLiPo, or "Ouvroir de littérature potentielle" (workshop of potential literature), is a group of experimental French poets founded in 1960, devoted to exploring the potential of literature, language and freedom through the lenses of different constraints. Oulipolooza will include readings about the Oulipo by Penn's own Jean-Michel Rabaté and Katie Price, a reception full of Oulipo-inspired foods, and the launch of "An Oulipolooza": a collection of oulipian texts.