Basil King’s Tablets

Basil King, Tablet #3, 33x22”, (c) Basil King 2024 Artists Rights Society New York (ARS)

Basil King has shared with us at Jacket2 several of his remarkable new Tablets. We are delighted to present Tablet #3 — the paired poem and panel. The visual was made with chalk, charcoal, and soft moulding paste on prepared birch panel. Its dimensions are 30 x 22”. King's plan is to finish this series, at least for now, as nine poems and panels. The images of the panels, produced by Martha King with her phone, are meant to be part of this preview of the work. Those interested in knowing more, or seeing more (and finer reproductions), of the project, are invited to reach out directly: For now, we present the visual tablet above, and the verse tablet below.