On Williams's Paterson

Joe Milutis

from left to right: Joe Milutis, Al Filreis, Randall Couch, Jessica Lowenthal, on a day a few summers back when Joe interviewed us about Williams

Joe Milutis at New Jersey as an Impossible Object has in my opinion mastered the form of the blog as an ongoing investigation or project. I've written about it here before. A few years ago Joe came to Philly wanting to talk about William Carlos Williams and he recorded a conversation with me, Randall Couch and Jessica Lowenthal. He edited it and made it available in segments as mp3 audio files. You can find links to the audio and Joe's nice entry on his visit here but I'm happy to reproduce the links below:

1. on teaching Paterson

2. Paterson, keep your pecker up

3. Ginsberg and Nardi

4. Sam Patch and general privation

5. the discovery of the triadic line

6. approaches to the knowledge

7. Paterson and the world