They're at it again

Back in October, Stephen McLaughlin, Gregory Laynor, and Vladimir Zykov (with help from Jim Carpenter, I believe) published Issue #1, a 3,785-page document featuring almost as many poets. The poets were real; the poems were generated by a computer program. Many poets google themselves, or receive messages called “Google alerts” whenever their names appear anywhere on the web, and so, in short, they found themselves “published” in this “issue.” When they read poems they had not themselves written, some were tickled (gotten by the gotcha) while others were angry. Now:

The ISSUE 2 document is a collection of the blog posts and comments that responded to the project and/or responded to responses about the project and/or responded to issues that were raised within the discussion (419 pages).

The BPL document is a collection of the comments that were made on the Buffalo Poetics Listserv regarding Issue 1 in the month of October 2008 (111 pages).

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See “Andy Kaufman as Muse” for my earlier entry on this matter.