Laurie Anderson, 2003

Laurie Anderson visited the Writers House in 2003. On the third day of her visit, I interviewed her for an hour or so, and here are segments of the recording:

  1. introduction by Al Filreis (3:19): MP3
  2. on the Nerve Bible and the body (4:06): MP3
  3. on the autobiographical nature of the Nerve Bible (1:57): MP3
  4. on time and responsibility (4:34): MP3
  5. on ending but not concluding performances (2:28): MP3
  6. on performing Statue of Liberty at the 2001 Town Hall performance (8:20): MP3
  7. on starting out as an artist and being in a commune (7:49): MP3
  8. on technology and media (8:57): MP3
  9. on Puppet Motel (2:52): MP3
  10. Anderson's favorite contemporary poets (6:37): MP3
  11. on the impossibility of technology being sensually subtle (6:27): MP3
  12. on Melville's bible and Songs and Stories from Moby Dick (8:33): MP3
  13. on whether or not people are getting better (3:51): MP3