Harry Mathews, 'Yes, But We're Different' & other talks (1997)

Harry Mathews came to the University of Pennsylvania to give a performance/talk on February 26, 1997, an event hosted by the “Friends of the Library” group, which is an open-minded organization the library's supporters and external overseers. Ruth and Marvin Sackner (Penn alumni) are close to the staff of the library, and have collaborated from time to time on exhibitions of concrete, visual, and sound poetry and also of artists' books. I attended Mathews's 1997 reading but cannot quite remember how it came about: I'm guessing that Bob Perelman, the Sackners', and very possibly Dan Traister (the brilliant and super-eclectic special collections librarian) were all involved. Someone had the forethought to record the event. The sound isn't perfect, especially during the Q&A. Nonetheless, the newly segmented reading is certainly worth a listen.

  1. Introduction (1:32): MP3
  2. The Truthful Liar: The Case of the Persevering Maltese (Preamble) (4:31): MP3
  3. First Topic: A Problem in Translation (6:43): MP3
  4. Second Topic: Yes, But We're Different (3:40): MP3
  5. Third Topic: Translation and the Oulipo, One (5:27): MP3
  6. Fourth Topic: The Truthful Liar (4:03): MP3
  7. Interlude (3:35): MP3
  8. Fifth Topic: Keep Moving (3:43): MP3
  9. Sixth Topic: Translation and the Oulipo, Two (7:10): MP3
  10. Seventh Topic: Back Home at the Oulipo (6:54): MP3
  11. Epilogue: The Case of the Persevering Maltese (4:11): MP3
  12. Q&A (15:15): MP3

Complete Recording (1:06:46): MP3