Ginsberg and Burroughs talking with Studs Terkel (audio)

New at PennSound

Ginsberg & Burroughs talking with Studs Terkel — a PennSound recording now segmented into topics. It is now available at PennSound’s Allen Ginsberg page. (Many thanks to Domenic Gibby Casciato, PennSound staffer, for expertly doing the segmenting.) 

  1. Introduction and recording with James Cameron (4:21): MP3
  2. Ginsberg reads “Violence” (1:32): MP3
  3. Burroughs on the 1968 Chicago DNC (1:41): MP3
  4. Ginsberg on Being a Witness at the DNC (3:29): MP3
  5. Burroughs on What Drew him to North Africa (2:05): MP3
  6. Burroughs and Ginsberg on Addiction (3:37): MP3
  7. Burroughs and Ginsberg on Language (3:07): MP3
  8. Recording from Paul Caroll’s “Big Table” (3:52): MP3
  9. Burroughs and Ginsberg on the term “Beat Poets” (2:56): MP3
  10. Burroughs and Ginsberg on their International Influence (1:44): MP3
  11. Burroughs reads “The Coming of the Purple Better One” (2:06): MP3
  12. Ginsberg on Meeting Burroughs (1:04): MP3
  13. Ginsberg reads “Going to Chicago” (2:57): MP3
  14. Burroughs reads “Bradley the Buyer” (5:33): MP3
  15. Burroughs and Ginsberg Discussing Drugs and Other Addictions (2:01): MP3
  16. Ginsberg reads “Friday the Thirteenth” (3:24): MP3
  17. Burroughs and Ginsberg on Addiction in American Society (7:03): MP3