Dear readers

This is an invitation to correspond.

I have a complicated and too often angsty relationship with the territories known as “the internet”—not to mention a complicated and too often angsty relationship with the territories known as “writing.” I avidly (if not-so-speedily) write letters and postcards to send through the actual physical through-snow-and-rain post (hooray for mail carriers and their snazzy racing-stripe pants!), I’ve never blogged, my website is a single image (soon to be expanded into actual information and documentation, I hope) of a knitted creature listening to Serge Gainsbourg while leaning fetchingly against a coffee cup commemorating the demolition of the copper smelting plant in McGill, Nevada, and on listservs and the like I tend to lurk and read and worry rather than participate in the actively loudmouthed way those of you who have met me in the non-virtual world know to be my tendency. Honestly, I’m a lot more comfortable thinking about these commentaries as instigators of conversation rather than as my own mini-monologues into the vast ethers of the ether. I understand and respect the reasons why there isn’t a “comments” feature on these pages (the virtual world hardly lacks opportunities for comment, and the bit of extra effort that might cause a person to think carefully before they hit “send” seems worthwhile to me). Yet I want very fervently to invite you to converse with me openly around the ideas I’m working through in these missives. Please ask me questions. Please lead me down paths I might not have found on my own. Please send me thoughts, queries, ideas and respectful challenges. You can find me on “the facebook” (which I joined approximately five minutes ago) or you can write to the kind editrix of these pages and your comments will reach me or you can write me directly at

I appreciate your presence here, and the invitation to move from one set of complexities into another/others through these writings. I look forward to being in communication.



P.S. In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to poetically lately—other than the aforementioned angst, accompanied (but not soothed) by amassing anti-war-manifesto poems and atomic noir live film narration scripts at a sluggish snail’s pace and occasionally making poems by quilting found, foraged and thrifted papers—I’ve been cutting and collaging poems out of the front page of the daily paper. I think the series is titled “daily news,” but I’m not sure. You can read some of these attempts in forthcoming issues of TRY and With + Stand. Meanwhile, here’s today’s:

daily news newspaper poem, march 31 2011