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Poetweet transforms users' tweets into sonnets, rondels, or indrisos
Poetweet transforms users' tweets into sonnets, rondels, or indrisos

Ever wonder what tweets would look like remixed into poetic form? This question, which few people were probably asking, is the premise behind the application Poetweet. Simply type in a Twitter handle, choose between sonnet, rondel, or indriso, and the application generates a poem.

"Divya Victor" is one such poem generated through Poetweet, using the Jacket2 Twitter account:

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A fierce intellectual pacifism:
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This mashup of tweets from the account were fashioned by the application into the form of a rondel: a poetic form consisting of two stanazas of four lines and one stanza of five lines. The rondel originates in French lyric poetry and is typically used for declarations of love and emotions within its literary tradition.

Beneath the novelty of the application, with its ability to automatically generate lines that fit within the limits of the poetic form, lies a complex set of operations. The application's algorithm sifts through the user's tweets, looking for ways to combine rhyme and meter to fit the chosen form. While the poems generally meet requirements of form, the content produces comical results. Technological singularity Poetweet isn't, but it's certainly a bit of fun.