A poetry staycation

Recently received for review

It's the truth. Summer in the Jacket2 office is not a vacation. Because I'm still here, and not there (on the beach or looking at the beach).  So, I'm calling this what it is: a poetry staycation, where the poems come to me and they come from places I would like to travel to.

& it has been an amazing staycation so far: with books coming in over the past few weeks from locales including Toronto, Manchester, Brooklyn, Seattle, and Minneapolis. 

These poetry books are the many guided tours of the wonderful world of poetics.  They are tourist-adored maps of famous people's houses. They are waiting in line to get through airport security to not miss their connecting flight.  And they are stopping at a rest stop for rest. 

It's a poetry staycation, and you are invited.

First stop: Toronto publishing house, BookThug and these recently published titles:

Appolinaire's Speech to the War Medic by Jake Kennedy
the monotony of fatal accidents by Richard Krueger
The Shining Material by Aisha Sasha John
The Obvious Flay by Gary Barwin and Gregory Betts
Pillage Laud by Erin Moure
Kildeer by Phil Hall
I Can Say Interpellation by Stephen Cain
The Captain Poetry Poems Complete by bpNichol (copy of colophon page below):

A poetry staycation includes quick and easy travel.  Look: we are already staycationing in Manchester.  Thanks to James Davies, publisher of if p then q who sent a parcel stuffed with recent titles including:

1000 Sonnets by Tim Atkins
Thus & by Derek Henderson
Ad Finitum by P. Inman
* by Tom Jenks
Silveronda by Lucy Harvest Clarke
A Priori by Tom Jenks
NTST by Geof Huth

I hope you'll poetry staycation with me by contacting me if you are interested in reviewing any of these titles for Jacket2.   I'd love to send you a parcel containing your very own poetry staycation.

-Michelle Taransky, Reviews Editor