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Activist documentary poetics

On Susan Briante’s 'Defacing the Monument'

Photo of Susan Briante (left) courtesy of Briante.

Susan Briante’s Defacing the Monument is a hybrid creative-critical text that explores the possibilities for documentary poetics to interrupt injustice.

On our radar: 'Defacing the Monument' by Susan Briante

During this time of slowed publication, we at J2 want to highlight some books from our (digital) reviews shelf. Today’s title on our radar: Defacing the Monument, by Susan Briante (Noemi Press, 2020). If you’d like to submit a review of this title for consideration, please let us know:

[Text of image above: “From Noemi Press: ‘[Defacing the Monument is] an attempt to bear witness to what happens to those who do not hold the “correct” documents as a way to show texts always bear the marks of power. Part documentary act, part lyric essay, part criticism, Defacing the Monument enacts the possibilities and limits of documentary impulses.’”]

This is not.

Infographic by Daniel Donner and Stephen Wolf, from How Gerrymandering Can Swing Elections by Stephen Wolf, DailyKos.

Defacing the monument

Rukeyser's innovations in docupoetics

In 1936, just a year after winning the Yale Younger Poet’s Prize, the twenty-two-year-old Muriel Rukeyser arrived in Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, the site of one of the worst industrial disasters in United States history, to work on her next poetry project.

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