Recently received for review

The J2 week began, as it usually does, in Philadelphia at Kelly Writers House, with a parcel from Belladonna* books (which I opened while listening to PennSound's new Belladonna* reading series archive, spanning 1999-2009).  And then, I went on the road (thinking of it as, instead, "The Wide Road") to do some poetry readings and workshops in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Iowa City, where I met editors from Rescue Press and Lightful Press who handed me review copies.  Now, back in the J2 offices, I have a lovely stack of new titles from presses including Shearsman, BlazeVOX, continuum, Reality Street, FSG, Carnegie Mellon and Starcherone (pictured below) I'll post details about shortly. 

The Wide Road by Carla Harryman and Lyn Hejinian (Belladonna* 2011)
Looking up Harryette Mullen: Interviews on Sleeping with the Dictionary and other Works by Barbara Henning, with an introduction by Juliana Spahr (Belladonna* 2011)

To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation by Andrea Rexilius (Rescue Press 2011)
Events Films Cannot Withstand by Zach Savich (Rescue Press 2011)
There Is Something Inside, It Wants To Get Out by Madeline McDonnell (Rescue Press 2011)

Poems from Children's Island by Sasha Chernyi, a bilingual edition translated from the Russian by Kevin Kinsella, with illustrations and hand printed covers by Jessica Seamans (Lightful Press 2011)

-Michelle Taransky, Reviews Editor