Poetics in the burning question

Hudson Valley Squares
Edwin, Laura, Sparrow, Anne, Michael, Brenda, Sam, Chris, and Amy at the Green Kill event.

In an attempt to locate by other means (than commentary posts) the pith of each member of our Hudson Valley group’s take on the relationship between poetry and the 2020 elections, we invited them to participate in a livestream gathering on the evening of October 4th, a month before the vote, at Green Kill, a peer-to-peer arts space in Kingston, NY. Here the poets who chose to respond (above) read from their poetry, selecting pieces that seemed to them to touch a political, electoral verve, or not (it was open). Afterward we responded to the “burning question”:

To enhance the visual field, behind them as they spoke appeared scrolling upward the text of William Blake’s America a Prophecy; the rationale for its addition is discussed in part in the introduction to the event.

Here is a record of what happened: