Call for papers: Extreme Texts

Guest editor Divya Victor is curating a J2 feature on extremity; below, an excerpt from the call, viewable here:

Jacket2 is seeking short scholarly articles, essays, belletristic documents, creative responses, and ephemera concerned with “Extreme Texts.” This call welcomes writing on, about, and as “Extremity” in its multifarious meanings and implications, from the material to the ideological, from the word’s connotations as “catastrophe” or “limit event” to its denotation as “the farthest point” something can go.

We invite you to consider the farthest point in poetry and poetic texts, including prose, image-text artworks, poetic performances, and soundworks. The feature will consider writing on poets and poetic texts who/which have prioritized formal, thematic, and material extremes: digression, excess, maximalism, supreme minimalism, completeness, exhaustion, affective extremity, and/or otherwise convey high-risk or “extreme” positions, pursue “extreme” formal and publication methods, and sociopolitical associations.