Articles - December 2013

General introduction to Oulipo in 15 minutes

by Harry Mathews


In 1999 the Literature faculty and the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies at MIT invited Harry Mathews to present on Oulipo. The complete recording is available at Harry Mathews's PennSound page. And we have segmented the audio — making available separate links to audio recordings of his introduction, his remarks on the Oulipo group, a brief Q&A session, and several readings of lipograms and N+7 writing. As a service particularly to those who don’t know much about Oulipo, Nick DeFina at PennSound has created an edited 15-minute excerpt of Mathews’s general overview. Now Emily Harnett offers an introduction to this 34th episode in the PennSound podcast series.

PennSound 10 years after

Featuring Michael Hennessey's recollections of his own work with the archive


On November 18, 2013, Steve McLaughlin hosted a celebration of PennSound’s 10th anniversary. After introductory remarks offered by Al Filreis, there were short talks each by Charles Bernstein, Michael Hennessey, Danny Snelson, Katie Price, Steve McLaughlin himself, and Benjamin Behrend. Hennessey was not in Philadelphia for the event and had prepared a recording to be played. In this PennSound podcast, the 33rd in the series, we feature Hennessey’s retrospective (along with clips he prepared from various bits from the archive). Allison Harris edited the podcast and introduces it. Full audio and video recordings of the event are available at the Kelly Writers House web calendar entry.