Loss Pequeño Glazier

Poet Loss Pequeño Glazier is professor of media study (SUNY Buffalo, New York) and director of the Electronic Poetry Center. He is director of the International E-Poetry Festivals and he is artistic director of Digital Poetry and Dance at UB. The Electronic Poetry Center, the original web poetry center, continues over twenty years of activity as a peerless, pioneering, and extensive resource for innovative and digital poetry on the web. Glazier authored the first title on digital literature, the prize-winning Digital Poetics: The Making of E-Poetries (Alabama, 2002), as well as Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm (Salt, 2003) and Small Press: An Annotated Guide (1992). He is the author of the acclaimed digital works Etymon (2013), Four Guillemets (2012), white faced bromeliads on 20 hectares (1999, 2012), Io Sono at Swoons (2002), and Territorio Libre (2003–2010), and poems, essays, film, visual art, sound, digital works, as well as projects for dance, music, installation, and performance. His recent projects have occurred in London, Edinburgh, Monterrey (Mexico), Toronto, Paris, Naples, and locations in the US. Recent videos include Middle Orange. His author page can be found at the EPC.

Photo by F. Oliva León.