Emmanuel Toh Bi Tié

Emmanuel Toh Bi Tié is emerging in the sequence of Black African poetic production of the new century, following the big names whose ideas have given him fodder. He is a native of Dabou, which is located fifty kilometers west of Abidjan, and originally from Zuénuola, in the central-west region of the Ivory Coast. His collections include Parulies rebelles (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2007; As boils in the mouth, so rebels in our towns), Djèlénin-nin pour toi mon Afrique (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2007), Aurore d’Afrique à Sanoudja (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2009), Sueur de lune (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2009), Colère d’aiguille (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2011), Salomé (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2013), Pitini (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2013), Pages en feu (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2015), and Africanités (Éditions L’Harmattan, 2016). He has a Master of Conferences and teaches African poetry at the University of Bouaké in Côte d’Ivoire.

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