Jacket2 January 2014 reading period

About our reading period:

Jacket2 welcomes unsolicited queries in January 2014. During that month, we will be especially (though not exclusively) interested in queries of the following kinds:

— Reviews of recent poetics criticism, theory, and anthologies

— Reviews and articles devoted to poetries outside the US

— Articles or essays on the ephemeral, the local, or the emergent

Also of note for our 2014 reading period:

— We are currently very full up on features for the 2014 calendar year, and are not likely to accept many for publication until 2015. However, if you would like to propose a feature, please note that we are most interested in features devoted to a poetic movement, topic, or group, rather than single authors. We are also most interested in features that include a range of textual styles, from academic essays to poetic prose to interviews, image galleries, or reviews; features that make use of archival and multimedia materials; and features that include a diverse range of contributors.

—We welcome proposals of media: podcast series, archival reissues and commentary, criticism of sound files, and the like.

To submit a query:

Please visit our contact us page.