Ashbery live webcast interview: Audio recording segmented by topic

New at PennSound

On February 12, 2013, I interviewed John Ashbery in his Chelsea (New York, NY) apartment, and moderated a discussion with people gathered at the Kelly Writers House, while many hundreds more watched via live webcast. Thanks to Anna Zalokostas, PennSound’s Ashbery page now offers the audio-only version (in downloadable MP3 format, as always) of the discussion, and, also, links to audio excerpts segmented by topic. Here are those segments:

  1. on humor in Ashbery’s poems (3:53): MP3
  2. on Ashbery's relationship to nature and the country (4:00): MP3
  3. on “Auburn-Tinted Fences,” “Soonest Mended,” and living outside the margin (7:13): MP3
  4. on “Not Beyond All Conjecture” (9:01): MP3
  5. on aging, forgetfulness, and looking back at early work (5:06): MP3
  6. on “Homeless Heart” and not thinking in a straight line (3:44): MP3
  7. on Ashbery’s Three Poems and his need to constantly do something new in his writing (question from Ron Sillman) (9:22): MP3
  8. on translating Rimbaud (3:26): MP3
  9. on his writing process (2:34): MP3
  10. on writing that deals with institutions and bureaucracies (1:29): MP3
  11. reading and commenting on “Like America” (6:10): MP3
  12. on experiencing difficulty when writing poetry (2:43): MP3
  13. on “A Poem of Unrest” and trying to understand Ashbery’s work (1:29): MP3
  14. on Wallace Stevens, Harvard & F.O. Matthiessen (4:04): MP3
  15. reading and discussing “Just Walking Around” (8:57): MP3