Announcing 'Journal of Poetics Research'

A new hub has emerged in the world of online poetics research from Jacket’s own founder, John Tranter. Tranter’s new multidisciplinary Journal of Poetics Research, based in Sydney, Australia, explores “the theory and practice of literary discourse in culture, media and the arts broadly conceived, including poetry, prose, journalism, drama, cinema, radio and television, as well as … literary, historical, social, institutional and psychological modes of narrative, theory and contention.”

Tranter founded Jacket magazine in 1997 and ran the journal for forty issues until 2010, when Tranter retired from thirteen years of intense daily involvement with the journal and the Jacket archives moved to servers at the University of Pennsylvania upon Jacket2’s launch. Tranter then began developing Journal of Poetics Research, which now features noted Australian scholars Kate Lilley, Ann Vickery, and Phillip Mead as managing editors and puts internationalism as a high priority.

While the majority of the journal’s content (articles, reviews, and interviews) will be peer reviewed scholarly pieces, Tranter and the editorial team also have plans to publish new creative writing, photos, and research materials on occasion. Included in the first issue — currently free — are poems from Toby Fitch and Brian Kim Stefans, a feature on John Forbes, articles from Rachel Loden and Chris Stroffolino, and an interview with Charles Bernstein, as well as a collection of research resources from Kris Hemensley, Robert Kenny, Vivian Smith, and others. We at Jacket2 can’t wait to see what comes next. — Kenna O’Rourke