Devon Hase

Devon Hase holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing and an MAT in English and Social Studies. After spending a decade teaching English and social studies in high school and college classrooms, she entered a two-year period of meditation retreat. Currently, Devon teaches mindfulness meditation at the Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and throughout North America and Europe. Along with her life partner Nico, she coauthored their first book, How Not to Be a Hot Mess: A Survival Guide for Modern Life, which offers six really good pieces of semi-Buddhist advice to keep you anchored and steady amidst the chaos of modern life. Devon loves long retreat and is passionate about creative ways to bring depth meditation practice into the daily spin of things. She now lives together with Nico in urban retreat in her hometown of Ashland, Oregon, splitting each week between teaching and practice.

Photo by Isabella Thorndike Church.

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