A note from Divya Victor

Jacket2 bids farewell to our fellow editor

It is hard to express how much Divya Victor has enriched and expanded Jacket2 since we first welcomed her as a (then-guest) editor in 2017. From the two commentary series shes contributed, to the thoughtful and wide-reaching features shes curated, not to mention the tireless work shes done behind the scenes to make Jacket2s editorial process more equitable, affirming, and innovative, Divyas presence as a member of the J2 team will be sorely missed. It is with sadness — but excitement for Divya as a thinker and writer — that we say goodbye to Divya as a J2 editor. From our wonderful friend and colleagues departure note:
[W]e work, every day, to support those who hyphenate between these roles as poet-critics, especially the ones who work (in Stephen Collis’s words) as “anarcho-scholars,” and who write to unsettle their roles as artists, academics, scholars, critics, graduate students, or editors in order to perform new modes of disruptive engagement with contemporary poetry.   
Working with this team has been one of the least complicated joys of my professional life. I will miss our spirited conversations and our careful negotiations. I will continue to read Jacket2 for this team’s earnest labor (along with the labor of countless interns, students, and editors at large) which has shaped a field in which our international audiences can witness the changing horizon of poetry’s critical and chimeral role in contemporary letters.   
Read Divyas full departure note here. Well miss you, Divya!