Vincent Broqua

Sound / Writing: essays on homophonic translation

Sound /Writing: 
traduire-écrire  le son et le sens
homophonic translation — traducson — Oberflächenübersetzung
edited by Vincent Broqua and Dirk Weissmann / 356 pp. 
is just out from Editions des Archives Contemporaines
Print edition available soon; I will post information here when I have it.  

Put some there there. Imagine the body.

Eileen Myles amidst the Poets & Critics

Eileen Myles and Olivier Brossard at galerie éof.

Three times a year Abigail Lang, Olivier Brossard and Vincent Broqua organize a two-day "Poets & Critics" symposium in Paris – during which they welcome a multinational and multilingual group of writers, scholars and artists to discuss the work of one English-language poet. The terrifying but exhilarating condition: the poet will also be there. The poet will talk back to you. You will talk back to the poet. Hopefully you will begin talking together.

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