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Alice Notley's 'The Descent of Alette'

Alice Notley’s 'The Descent of Alette'
Alice Notley’s 'The Descent of Alette'

To reimagine a genre can be to imagine a better world.

Lisa Robertson on Close Listening

Lisa Robertson talks with me about her new book, Cinema of the Present, and its form; rethinking lyric and epic poetry through feminism; experimentation and/or subjectivity; prose versus verse; the persistence of beauty, pleasure, and the aesthetic; early connections to the Kootenay School of Writing; living bilingually in France and the bubble of monolingualism; soft architecture; writing essays for visual arts publications; and seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Close Listening is produced for Clocktower Radio in association with PennSound. 

Listen >>>>>>>(53:27): MP3

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