Andrew S. Nicholson

'mend the world'

A review of Joseph Lease's 'The Body Ghost'

Photo of Joseph Lease (left) by Donna de la Perrière.

The dying father is speaking of his own mother — when he squeezes the hand of his living son, he is squeezing the hand of his own dead mother. The two living bodies are not alone. His son thinks to himself, “his mother / in the / room — / his mother’s / me —” (68). The son is himself, and the son is someone else. The son remains himself while his father transforms him into his grandmother.

A father is at the end of his life. He is dying, and his son is in the room with him as he dies. In the elegy “Stay,” the father holds his son’s hand and says:

“when I 



hand I’m

squeezing her


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