Laura Sims

Voices, lives, and monsters

Kenna O'Rourke

Our first capsule reviews of 2017: Voice’s Daughter of a Heart Yet to Be Born by Anne Waldman, Staying Alive by Laura Sims, and Sympathetic Little Monster by Cameron Awkward-Rich.

Our first capsule reviews of 2017 feature three recent poetry titles.

Dreams not spoiled by roaches (PoemTalk #93)

Helen Adam, 'Cheerless Junkie's Song'

Helen Adam; screenshot courtesy of Ron Mann's 'Poetry in Motion' (© 1981/82); republished by the Voyager Company (1992).


Corina Copp, Laura Sims, and Richard Deming joined Al Filreis in the Wexler Studio of the Kelly Writers House to talk about one of Helen Adam’s poem-songs, “Cheerless Junkie’s Song.”

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