Fifty-one contemporary poets from Australia: Part 1

Paul Sloan, "Untitled" (gouache on paper, 2011).

The first installment of Pam Brown’s feature devoted to “Fifty-one Contemporary Poets from Australia” (ordered, “[i]n the interest of objectivity,” by “a recently invented ‘downunder’ method — the reverse alphabet”), includes work from Mark Young, Tim Wright, Fiona Wright, Adrian Wiggins, Alan Wearne, Corey Wakeling, Ann Vickery, John Tranter, James Stuart, and Amanda Stewart, along with artwork by Louis Armand and Paul Sloan.  You can read Brown’s introduction, along with future installments of the fe

Drafting beyond the ending

On Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Rachel Blau DuPlessis in 2007 in Philadelphia. Photo by Robert S. DuPlessis.
Rachel Blau DuPlessis’s “Draft 94: Mail Art”; DuPlessis in 2007 in Philadelphia. Photo by Robert S. DuPlessis.


but nothing includes everything, or dominates over everything. The word ‘and’ trails along after every sentence. Something always escapes … — William James

To say that Rachel Blau DuPlessis has built her entire poetic project on the logic of the provisional and the contingent is no exaggeration. And reader, make no mistake — she has married us to this process. In the School of DuPlessian Midrash every seam and suture is exposed as a subject of instigation cum investigation. Investigation, in Drafts, is not simply a prod to the ethical; it’s heuristic: in teaching us how to read Drafts, Drafts teaches us how to read. (So maybe it’s chiasmatic, too?)

There is no reconciliation

"So Good" (2011) and "Self Portrait" (2010) by Brandon Downing
"So Good" (2011) and "Self Portrait" (2010) by Brandon Downing

Jacket2 features a review of Brandon Downing’s Lake Antiquity by Luke Bloomfield, and a gallery of recent collages by Downing.