Fifty-one contemporary poets from Australia: Part 3

Robert Pulie, "Close-ish" (two views).

The third installment of Pam Brown’s feature “Fifty-one Contemporary Poets from Australia” (ordered, “[i]n the interest of objectivity,” by “a recently invented ‘downunder’ method — the reverse alphabet”) includes work from Astrid Lorange, Kate Lilley, Miriel Lenore, John Kinsella, Cath Kenneally, S. K. Kelen, Kit Kelen, Jill Jones, Duncan Hose, and Keri Glastonbury, along with artwork by Robert Pulie and Ken Bolton.

Like a metaphor

Ongoing relations between 'poetry' and 'science'

Star birth in the Carina Nebula, seen by the Hubble Space Telescope (image courtesy of NASA).

The following forum, initially taking off from a PoemTalk program on a Zukofsky lyric, directly engages questions regarding relations between poetry and science (a range of sciences).

Poetry supplement

Pandora's Cluster — Abell 2744 (image courtesy of NASA).

This coda/continuation features poems sent to the Jacket2 forum on poetry and science but not directly involved in any of the various threads; perhaps, however, multiple cross-ignitings of relevance will appear to those who have negotiated some of the preceding exchanges and poems. There is also an essay by Allen Fisher of some importance for his aesthetic work included here.