Tony Trehy

Tony Trehy is an international art curator, director of the Bury Text Festival, and a poet-text artist. He has published in various international literary journals and has published four books of poetry — 50 Heads (2006), Reykjavik (2007), Irony of Flatness (2008) and Space the Soldier Who Died for Perspective (2009). He rarely performs but insists on each reading being structured around new analysis for previous works. His poems are also frequently responses to particular gallery or urban spaces, with these texts subsequently installed in gallery spaces in cities from Edinburgh to Reykjavik, Bonn to Melbourne. His latest (and last?) collection The End of Poetry: Other Possible Trehys from Leibniz is published by MetaSenta, Melbourne, in 2012. Robert Grenier has said that “Just as William Carlos Williams brought ‘American speech’ into the long tradition of ‘making’ poetry in English/American literary usage/language, so Tony Trehy has introduced the lingo/thinking (‘style’) of mathematics into the ‘poem-containing-history’ — well emboldened by passionate, personal knowledges of his own.” Trehy lives in Manchester, UK, with his wife, Susan, and the famous poetry dog, Barney.