Matthew Landis

Matthew Landis is a Philadelphia and South-Jersey-based poet, critic, and musician. He has served as adjunct professor of writing at Stockton University. He’s been a member of the Brooklyn cabaret-art-punk collective The World/Inferno Friendship Society and was a member of the New Philadelphia Poets. He cofounded the Jubilant Thicket reading series with Deborah Morkun and Sarah Heady. He is the coauthor of RAINN — A Novel (w/ Amy Silbergeld). His poems and criticism have appeared in or are forthcoming from TRY Magazine, EOAGH, Critiphoria, Jacket, and Wheelhouse. He is currently working on a poetry book wherein he rewrites the script for Blade Runner through the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Dante, Kathy Acker, and others, as well as a study of transgressive aesthetics in music and poetry — from Ornette Coleman to post-punk and Mina Loy to Kathy Acker and other contemporary authors.