Lý Đợi

Lý Đợi was born in 1978 in Khúc Lũy village of Quang Nam province. He currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Saigon. Lý Đợi holds a bachelor’s degree in literature and journalism (2001). He has published five poetry collections: Seven Variations on the Spider (2003), A Song Collection of Hollow Objects (2004), The Progeny of the Trinh Tùng Tale, or The Seed’s Seed Tale (prose poems, 2004), Dog Meat Vegetarianism (2005), and When the Enemy Falls Asleep (2010). He has appeared in ten other anthologies, including: Six-sided Circle (2002), Open Mouth (2002), Cutting Drilling Concrete (2005), Blank Verse — An Anthology of Vietnamese New Formalism Poetry (USA, 2006), Tienve [1] — An Anthology of Contemporary Vietnamese Literature (Australia, 2006), Hornily Flap (University of Buffalo, USA, 2007), The Deluge — New Vietnamese Poetry (USA, 2007), Soft Targets (USA and Canada, 2007), and Use zis when zis is available, use zat when zat is available (2007).

Photo by Lam Dien.