Bonnie Costello

Bonnie Costello is a professor of English at Boston University. Her most recent book is Planets on Tables: Poetry, Still Life and the Turning World. Other works include Shifting Ground: Reinventing Landscape in Modern American Poetry (2003), Elizabeth Bishop: Questions of Mastery (1991), Marianne Moore: Imaginary Possessions (1981), “Outside In and Upside Down: The World of Abelardo Morell,” Yale Review (2008), “Elizabeth Bishop’s Impersonal Personal,” American Literary History (2003), “John Ashbery’s Landscapes,” The Tribe of John (1995). Her “Fresh Woods: Elegy and Ecology Among the Ruins” was published in the Oxford Book of Elegy (2010).  In 1990-91 she was a Guggenheim Fellow. In 2001, she served as a panelist for the Bollingen Prize.  Costello also translates poetry from Italian, and has published several essays on the subjects of art and travel, and recently a work of creative nonfiction called “The Mail from Tunis: A Fable of Proximity and Distance” in the fall 2011 issue of The Straddler.

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