Angela Genusa

Angela Genusa is a writer and artist. She is the author of No Expert (forthcoming, Troll Thread), Simone’s Embassy (Eclipse Editions, 2015), Twentysix Gasoline Station Prices (Gauss PDF, 2015), Composition (Gauss PDF, 2014), Twentysix Wikipedia Articles and Musée du Service des Objets Trouvés (PediaPress, 2013), Spam Bibliography (Troll Thread, 2013), Tender Buttons (Gauss PDF, 2013), and Jane Doe (Gauss PDF, 2013), among other works. Her work has been exhibited in SLOPES Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, and is also archived at P—DPA and Library of the Printed Web. Her work has been anthologized in &NOW Awards Vol. 3: The Best Innovative Writing (Northwestern University Press) and Best American Experimental Writing 2014 (Omnidawn 2014). She is a member of Collective Task, an international group of artists and writers with over thirty-five participants.

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