Samuel Solomon

Red Shout!: A description

by Samuel Solomon

LA Liberation School Calendar, July 2013
LA Liberation School Calendar, July 2013

Red Shout! was a month long, four-part reading series held each Friday night as part of the LA Liberation School.  But Red Shout! was, properly speaking, also just a part of the day, the conclusion of the Liberation school week, so to speak. Red Shout! took shape, then, in the context of a set of practices that diverged from those of the bookstore, gallery, and house reading series.

The LA Liberation School was/is a free university project that ran formally for the month of July 2013 in a live/work warehouse on the border of East and South Los Angeles. It has since transformed into a loose network of reading groups and organizing meetings held in various locations (I have since been away from Los Angeles and so have not been able to participate). Those who facilitated the School's operations tried to create a space that would escape the segregation that characterizes other public education projects and to create material practices to hold better space for thinking. 

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