Henry Hills

Emma's Dilemma: Henry Hills's film featuring Emma Bee Bernstein, with an appreciation by Kevin Killian

Microscope version

PennSound presents a full-length (83 minute) version of Henry Hills's film Emma's Dilemma (1997-2012), which had its premiere at the Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn). Kevin Killian has written an appreciation for this release. 


There are two sdditional, autonomous, sections of the film
(more information on these two films at PennSound):
Richard Foreman: "King Richard"
Ken Jacobs: "Nervous Ken"

Links to excerpts from the film:
"Maybe (or, In Pursuit of Parker Posey)"
 "A Lee Ann-thology of Concrete Poetry"  (4:00)
 "Julie Patton"  (4:10)
"Printed Matter,"  with Kenny Goldsmith  (3:13)
 "Susan Howe"  (3:35)

Kevin Killian on Emma's Dilemma:

Emma Bee Bernstein, Exquisite Fucking Boredom: Polaroids at Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn)

Emma Bunny, Polaroid, estate of Emma Bee Bernstein © 2007

Exquisite Fucking Boredom
Polaroids by Emma Bee Bernstein
May 24 - June 25, 2012
curated by Phong Bui
Opening Reception Thursday, May 24, 6-9pm

Henry Hills, 1985

David Moss and Yoshiko Chuma

Henry Hills’ Money (1985) is a fourteen minute collage film of split second shots of performances by and conversations with experimental musicians, poets, and dancers in public and intimate spaces of Manhattan.

The indiscriminate and energetic mix of music performances, poets reading from books, and dancing combined with performers’ conversations and the bustle of the streets enacts the mutual conditioning of cultural production with the structures of lived experience. The confluences of lived experience, peculiarly intense in urban areas, form the consciousness for producing music, poetry, and dance which in turn materially constitute culture’s institutions in the superstructure and the subjects produced out of them.

The split second shot technique lifts the performances and conversations from their source coherences into atomized gestures. The atomization emphasizes intrinsic qualities of shots, near stills analyzable by photography aesthetics while simultaneously gesturing toward their implied temporal sequences.

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