David Bromige

David Bromige: two new readings

David Bromiges reading for A. L. Nielsen’s Incognito Lounge, at UC Berkeley, on May 23, 1989, has now been segmented (by PennSound staff editor Luisa Healey). Here is the whole recording, and here are the segments:

David Bromige reads at Buffalo in 1992

On January 29, 1992, David Bromige read a great many short pieces at a reading he gave at Buffalo. The recording has long been available at Bromige's PennSound page, but today for the first time it has been segmented. The segmentations are, as I say, quite new, so if readers and listeners have suggestions for improvement or correction, please by all means pass them along to me (afilreis [at] jacket2.org) and we will apply the fix. PennSound is, to say the least, an ongoing and interative process. Here now are the poems Bromige read that night:

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