Harold Abramowitz & Andrea Quaid A Primer
Charles Alexander A wing & a word
Brian Ang PennSound & Politics
Oana Avasilichioaei Folding Borders: Experimenting in the Canadian Laboratory
Gary Barwin
Eric Baus Notes on PennSound
Jasper Bernes, Joshua Clover, and Juliana Spahr
Charles Bernstein
Julia Bloch Against the weather: On teaching Williams
Amaranth Borsuk Artists' Books in the Age of Digital Publishing
Jeff Boruszak Notes from PennSound
Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand moxie politik
Pam Brown Jacket the first
Laynie Browne The Poet's Novel
Tisa Bryant (Un)lived/experience
David Buuck Performance/Poetics
J. R. Carpenter Performing Digital Texts in European Contexts
Laura Carter Small Presses on the Move
Amy Catanzano quantum poetics
Stephen Collis Neighbouring Zones
David Colón 100 Years of Hispanglo Poetics
Randall Couch Cavafy in English: The sesquicentennium approaches
Thom Donovan SELF | LIFE | WRITING
Sarah Dowling Languages
Marcella Durand Geometries of landscape
Patrick Durgin Witness
Kristin Dykstra Intermedium
Jacob Edmond Iterations
Mercedes Eng unceded west coast city: Vancouver
Steve Evans The phonotextual braid
Michael Farrell australia, fitzroy
Farnoosh Fathi One knock for the clown
Al Filreis
First Readings
Chris Funkhouser in audio practice
Kristen Gallagher Gossip or History
Michael S. Hennessey editor, Jacket2 and PennSound
Fiona Hile Notes on Australian Poetic Communities
jen hofer trans positions
Walt Hunter Speculations: new Irish poetry
Tsitsi Jaji Good News from Africa
Paul Jaussen Detroit Poetries: Field Notes
Pierre Joris Nomadics
Hilary Kaplan Brazilian poetry and poetics
erica kaufman Pedagogy & Poetry
Aaron Kunin The wish to be an object
Sueyeun Juliette Lee Time Text Body Noise
Ariel Goldberg & Rachel Levitsky Social Reading
Joel Lewis "What do you know of our New Jersey iron saints?"
Astrid Lorange Fossicks and offerings from Sydney
Anthony Madrid Twenty-six items from Special Collections
Jill Magi A textile poetics
J.S. Makkos Dadalogue
Pattie McCarthy subdomestictext
rob mclennan Some notes on Canadian poetry
Joe Milutis Bright arrogance
Garry Thomas Morse
Erín Moure T r a n s l a t i o n ' s__H o m e o p a t h i c__G e s t u r e s
Tom Orange A Great Ringing Edifice
Angela Hume, Gillian Osborne, & Margaret Ronda Field Notes from the 2013 Conference on Ecopoetics
Jena Osman Psychogeographies
Craig Santos Perez Last Commentator in Paradise
Vanessa Place Global Conceptualisms
Vaughan Rapatahana Ngā whakaaro
a rawlings AÐ LANDA
Deborah Richards Putting it on
Roopika Risam Postcolonial digital poetics
Jack Ross Notes on NZ poetry
Jerome Rothenberg Poems and poetics
Linda Russo Emplaced & local to
Kyle Schlesinger Book Arts
Kathy Lou Schultz Epic Worlds
Susan M. Schultz Experimental poetries in the Pacific / editing Tinfish Press
Leonard Schwartz Cross Cultural Poetics Commentary
Laura Sims Reports from the Archives
Jonathan Skinner ecopoetics
Danny Snelson Reissues Commentary
Leah Souffrant A slowing: poetics and attention
John Tranter Under the Horizon
Divya Victor DISCOURSES ON LOCALITY: Singapore
MARCI VOGEL A poetics of the étrangère
Dee Morris & Stephen Voyce Counter Map Collection
Barrett Watten My presentism
Laura Wetherington Language and Its Double
Tyrone Williams Hunches, Hedges, etc.
Mia You The Uses of the Erotic
Stephanie Young the more territories, the more circulation
Magdalena Zurawski FEEL BEAUTY SUPPLY