The lyrical personal of Joe Ceravolo

An introduction

Joseph Ceravolo (photograph by Franceso Scavullo).

We suspected that the poetry of Joseph Ceravolo has been on the limits of our poetic understanding for a reason. Therefore, we embarked on a collective effort, a group investigation of the parameters, frequencies, limitations, and timbres we could locate and cull from a famously fugitive body of work. Fugitive because of its publishing history, which may be partially due to the cruel vagaries of human existence.

Mass: Raw poetry from the commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts as a state and as a state of mind plays a prominent role in the works of its poets and writers. This special feature focuses on five poets who have helped shape the literary imagination of Massachusetts and who have been shaped artistically by living there. Not coincidentally, three of the poets featured here appeared in John Wieners’s Measure Number Three — Boston the City and in Donald Allen’s New American Poetry 1945–1960 anthology. The connection of these poets’ work transcends physical place but also is indebted to it.

Mass: Cid Corman

Cid Corman. Photo by Ed Baker (used with permission).

This segment of Jim Dunn and Kevin Gallagher’s feature “Mass: Raw Poetry from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts” focuses on poet, editor, and translator Cid Corman, and includes contributions from Bob Arnold, Kevin Bowen, and George Evans, along with a selection of poems by Corman.