Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is a poet, fiction writer, editor, and writing instructor. His recent books include Our Days in Vaudeville (Mansfield Press, 2013); You Exist. Details Follow. (Anvil Press, 2012); Snowball, Dragonfly, Jew (ECW Press, 2011); Buying Cigarettes for the Dog (Freehand Books, 2009); Dead Cars in Managua (DC Books, 2008); I Cut My Finger (Anvil Press, 2007); and Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer (Anvil Press, 2005). His anthologies include Rogue StimulusThe Stephen Harper Holiday Anthology for a Prorogued Parliament (Mansfield Press, 2011), My Lump in the Bed: Love Poems for George W. Bush (Proper Tales Press, 2004), and Surreal Estate: 13 Canadian Poets Under the Influence (The Mercury Press, 2005). Ross’s own Proper Tales Press turned thirty-five this year and has published a wide array of emerging and established poets and fiction writers as well as many works, mostly in chapbook form, by Ross himself. He created and edited Mondo Hunkamooga: A Journal of Small Press Reviews (later subtitled A Journal of Small Press Stuff) and, with Nicholas Power, founded the Toronto Small Press Book Fair in 1987. In 2010, Ross was the writer-in-residence at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. In 2013, he cofounded the ensemble Donkey Lopez with musicians Ray Dillard and Steven Lederman. He runs the “a stuart ross book” imprint at Mansfield Press and lives in Cobourg, Ontario. (Photograph by Laurie Siblock)