Raad Ahmad

Raad Ahmad (b. 1977) grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and began publishing poetry in the late 1990s in Bangladeshi literary magazines, dailies, and Kaurab. His books include b`nAkA sooch o anyAnno (Twisted Needle and Others), ek Tebiler adhibAsE (Tablemates), Brothel mAliker Carpark (Brothel Owner’s Carpark), and mishti basantadine ami aloukik (Mystic Me in a Sweet Day of Spring). He serves as a coeditor of chhA`nT kaagajer malaaT (Scrap Paper Jacket) and PrAntasbar (Marginal Voice), both published in Dhaka. Raad holds master’s degrees in education and interactive multimedia from Dhaka University and Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, respectively. He currently owns a livestock and fruit production farm and runs a bookstore in Dhaka with his wife, Evalina Munshi.