Polina Barskova

Polina Barskova, born in 1976 in Leningrad — now called St. Petersburg, as before — released the first of her seven books as a teenager. She came to the United States at the age of twenty to pursue a PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, having already earned a graduate degree in classical literature at St. Petersburg State University. Barskova now lives in Massachusetts with her daughter Frosya and teaches at Hampshire College. She has published two books in English translation: This Lamentable City, trans. Ilya Kaminsky (Tupelo Press, 2010), and The Zoo in Winter, trans. Boris Dralyuk and David Stromberg (Melville House Press, 2011). Her third book project in translation, Relocations, translated and edited by Catherine Ciepiela, was published by Zephyr Press in fall 2013.