Louis Armand

Louis Armand is a Sydney-born writer and visual artist who lives in Prague, where he currently directs the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University. His poetry, essays and prose fiction have appeared in Meanjin, HEAT, Southerly, Poetry Australia and Poetry Review, and have been translated into Czech, Dutch, French, Chinese, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese and Polish. He has appeared in various anthologies, including The Best Australian Poems 2008, Calyx: 30 Contemporary Australian Poets and The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry. In 1997 he was awarded the Max Harris Prize at the Penola Festival (Adelaide) and in 2000 he received the Nassau Review Prize (New York). At the 2009 Trieste Film Festival his screenplay Clair Obscur won honourable mention. In 2004 he founded the Prague International Poetry Festival. His books include Séances (Twisted Spoon, 1998); Inexorable Weather (Arc, 2001); Land Partition (Textbase, 2001); Strange Attractors (Salt, 2003); Malice in Underland (Textbase, 2003); Picture Primitive (Antigen, 2006) and Letters from Ausland (Vagabond, 2011); along with two volumes of prose fiction, The Garden (Salt, 2001) and Menudo (Antigen, 2006). He is the editor of Contemporary Poetics (Northwestern University Press, 2007) and author of several volumes of criticism, including Solicitations: Essays on Criticism and Culture (LPB, 2005/2008). He currently edits the magazine VLAK: Contemporary Poetics & the Arts.